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Practitioner Workshops
Lille, France
June 6 - 9, 2017



In addition to regular sessions, workshops are organized. Four are already determined:

Public servants Workshop: open for exchanges between managers and consultant in public local authorities. The prosed topic for this Public servants workshop is: City management facing new challenges: aging population, national and international migrants, smart cities.

Practitioners’ workshop 1: Teleworking and new forms of work

Practitioners’ workshop 2: Managing with shared vision. A big French firm will present its practical, applied, methodology to deeply change the way stakeholders can be implied in management, from a top-down management to a shared vision management, based on three axes: Partners and customers involvement, employees’ commitment, construction of a shared vision. This workshop will happen in two times: presentation, and discussion.

Thematic Research workshop: Conflict management at work. How to take into account the interpersonal relationships in Conflict resolution at work? Dialogical perspectives.

See the Schedule for the dates and hours of the workshops. 

Persons to contact for the workshops:

- Public servant workshop: Dr Carine Drapier: carine.drapier@univ-lille2.fr. For workshop information , click "here.

- Practitioners workshop: Teleworking and new forms of work: Dr Carine Drapier: carine.drapier@univ-lille2.fr. For workshop information, click "here”.

-“ How to build up a shared vision in a firm”, and thematic workshop (particularly Conflict Management workshop): Pr Dominique Besson:  dominique.besson@iae.univ-lille1.fr





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